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COVID-19 Advisory: In an effort to minimize class sizes and adhere to social distancing protocol, we are now offering both in-person and virtual classes.

Bronx After School Program

Beginner After School Program Classes Enrolling In October

Let your children enjoy a constructive alternative to daycare or babysitting as they have fun learning karate, improving their self-esteem, physical abilities as well as confidence. 

After School Program Bronx

Our great After School Program offers the convenience of free transportation from your child's school to TCK Mixed Martial Arts' studio - a safe and fun environment.


Our Program Offers:

Bronx After School Program

  • Free Transportation*
  • Three Days of Martial Arts Training
  • One Day of Gymnastics/Arts & Crafts
  • Movies and Events on Half Days of School
  • Homework Assistance
  • Free Snacks
  • School Holiday Per Diem Services
  • Movie Day Every Friday
  • Pick up at 6:30pm


Imagine how your life will change not rushing from work to pick up your child and then rushing them over to their extracurricular activity and finally, after all that, go home and start the homework process. Instead you have TCK Mixed Martial Arts' karate After School Program!


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*Denotes Free Transportation from your child's school to TCK's Mixed Martial Arts' studio.


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